Combined Events

We combine two activities to create a fantastic day out in the great outdoors.
Our best selling combined event is the Paint ball with a Raft Build.



We start with a visit to a North Wales premiere paint ball site.

It’s the ideal opportunity to work as a team using tactics to complete scenarios.

The site was established by a former Royal Marine back in 2002.

It quickly developed a reputation for realistic and exciting paint ball sessions.

The instructors manage the activity in a professional manner for your safety.

Set in 69 acres of woodland the site has ten exciting game scenarios.

You will take part in at least 5 games during the three hour half day session.

Thunder flashes and smoke grenades can be purchased at extra cost.

The Event includes 300 paintballs and extra balls can be purchased between games.

It’s an opportunity for friends to enjoy a Stag or Hen Party or a birthday surprise.

Team building:
A chance to bond an existing team and build on teamwork skills.

(Perfect for businesses that have a limited staff training period).


Raft Build

Take part in a raft build project and paddle away on a journey.

Weather permitting the raft build will take place at a local lake.

The team will be issued with barrels, ropes, poles, and straps.

Guidelines will be provided for the construction of a strong, stable raft.

The exercise is carried out under the close supervision of instructors.

Personal protective safety equipment is provided for your security and confidence.

Rafts are inspected and certified fit for purpose so we can conduct water trials.

Team building:
A raft build really does require teamwork.

Teams must plan and utilise a strategy.

The aim of the project is to produce a successful end-product.

Raft building brings many individual strengths and weaknesses to the surface.

It will galvanise the team through achievement.


Key Skills:

Leadership skills will be required and of course the ability to work with others.
Communication skills and problem solving will definitely be an advantage.