A sense of freedom and achievement as we guide the way across jagged mountain ridges.


The guides at Active Adventure have decades of experience in the mountains.

We select quality routes that take us up some of the most fantastic mountains in Snowdonia.

Most of our routes will require the use of a rope and running belays.


Scrambling can be solitary and extremely challenging.

You will feel a great sense of exposure on some of the routes as you make your way to the summit.


Most of our scrambling takes place in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Scrambling is a method of ascending exposed rocky faces and ridge lines.

It’s an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hill walking and rock climbing.

It’s often distinguished by defining a scramble as a route where hands must be used in the ascent.


Some harder scrambles will definitely require the use of a rope.

Your instructor will ensure you have a safe enjoyable day on the mountains.

Specialist equipment is provided although we do ask you to supply suitable clothing and boots.


Technical Information

In the UK scrambles are usually rated using the Ashton system of either Grade 1,2,3 or 3s (S for serious)

The grade being based around technical difficulty and exposure.

Scottish Guidebooks use a system of grades 1-5 leading to considerable confusion and variation.

Scrambles are graded in good dry conditions.

The advent of rain or strong winds can increase the grade of the scramble by one or even two grades.